How to Donate to Buddy of Mine

Buddy of Mine Partners with Stoughton Area Community Foundation

If you would like to donate to Buddy of Mine, please follow the link below to the Stoughton Area Community Foundation’s (SACF) website. Click the “Donate” button in the left column and be sure to select “Buddy of Mine” in step 1 under the “Community Program Funds” section. As it says on their webpage, “Please be sure to check with your employer and see if they offer matching grants for any charitable gifts that you give. This is a wonderful way to double your gift!”

The Stoughton Area Community Foundation is an established 501(C)3 nonprofit organization with tax-exempt status. They have taken the necessary legal steps to create a Foundation with the personnel and resources needed to ensure that the Foundation’s assets are well-protected and invested carefully. Various other nonprofit community organizations/projects have signed “PASS THROUGH AGREEMENTS” with the Foundation allowing them to use the available resources of the Foundation for their fundraising efforts, Buddy of Mine being one of those organizations. All money designated for these organizations goes directly through them to us, Buddy of Mine. The Foundation does not charge any fees for their services. A “pass-through” agreement is a win-win situation. The SACF manages all of the funds and provides the legal means for other organizations to receive donations. Since the Foundation is now dealing with a larger pool of funds, it allows them, SACF, to apply for larger grants from other foundations to add to their growing pool.